Voting Tips

Ensure that you are registered to vote.

Be sure you know where you're polling location is (It will say on your voting card). Remember that it may have changed since the last time you voted. If you can vote at more than one location, ask around to find out which one will be the least crowded.

Remember to bring your ID information. Be sure you have a valid ID, passport and/or drivers license when you vote. Check with state requirements to find out what types of ID are required for you to vote in your state. If you're not sure, bring EVERYTHING, including a photo ID.

It is not advisable to wear campaign shirts, pins and such when you go in to vote. Some states don't allow this. Play it safe and dress neutral.

Wear comfortable shoes and dress ready to wait. If it's cold outside, be sure you bring a coat. Maybe you can also bring something to read.

Help others to vote. Assist the elderly, the disabled and those without transportation

Find out where your voting place is and if it is easily accessible. If it is inaccessible you can request to vote at another location or by absentee ballot.

Make sure that you’re registered to vote!

Allow plenty of time if you plan to vote early in the morning or right after work. Those are the busiest times. Also, Don't Forget Your ID!!!

Make sure that your friends and neighbors have rides to their polling places.

If you need help before or during voting, ask a poll worker. Its what they are there for.

Be sure to confirm the location of your polling place, as they can and do change, before you head out to vote.

If you need to, or would like to, you have the option to vote early. Check with your state to see if these options would are available to you.

Cast an informed vote! Take the time to read all of your options while voting. You don't have to mark an answer for every contest to vote.

Know your candidates, research them and make sure your vote is your own!

Make sure your registered in time to cast your vote. The federal election (ie: the President) is always held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. However your town, cityor state may have special and primary elections on another date.